We will help to plan products exposure to increase sales.

The e-shop audit will provide information about customer habits in the store. This way, you will optimize the placement of shelves and products.

We will find the e-shelves which customers most frequently browse.

With the store audit, you will learn about shelves that are visited most often but not necessarily located on the first pages of the store.

We will indicate products with sales potential.

With the audit, we will identify products which sales can be increased.

We will check which products customers recommend to each other.

The audit will show which products users inform their friends about. Word-of-mouth recommendations contribute to increased sales.

We will locate products that nobody is interested in.

We will provide information that will help identify products that nobody is interested in. By removing such products, you will make it easier for customers to browse the assortment.

Find out how e-merchandising works in your store.

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