Use the iSlay panel on your own and measure website content in real time.

Track user behavior on your website through constant access to data. With iSlay monitoring, you can manage website content even better to attract more users.

You can quickly check which content is being read and which is only being visited.

You can check in real time whether the content you publish is engaging users.

You will quickly learn which elements of the page are interesting.

Thanks to the information provided by iSlay, you can track which elements of the page attract the most attention from users.

You can check in real time which content users share the most frequently.

By knowing which content is being shared most frequently, you can optimize your content strategy and produce more of the type of content that is most viral.

Don’t lose users by publishing unattractive content.

With iSlay, you can prevent the loss of valuable users by identifying which content on your site fails to capture their interest. Detecting content that only represents an unnecessary cost.

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