Content marketing | content marketing – what is worth knowing?

After the pandemic, customers have moved to the internet. For these customers, information about products posted online is becoming increasingly important. The level of investment in content marketing for products and services is increasing as a result. Consequently, measuring audience engagement is becoming more and more important. If the content is not interesting, it will not attract customers. It is less important how many recipients had contact with the content and more important how many actually read it.

In the era of information overload, internet users are skeptical of promotional content. However, it is known that publishing valuable content can persuade users to learn about the advantages of a particular product. Content marketing is an appropriate tool to interest the user in the product, but it requires continuous research and optimization of actions. It is important to remember that the user is at the center. Their preferences, habits, and behaviors matter.

What it content marketing?

Content marketing on the internet involves creating and distributing valuable content for website users. Unlike SEO, content marketing is tailored to the audience, not search engine ranking algorithms. To conduct effective content marketing, companies must interest and engage the user. They can do this by selecting appropriate information, presentation formats, and distribution methods. The choice of promotion channels is also important. Content marketing provides much greater opportunities than advertising.

Content marketing strategy

A content marketing strategy for products is a long-term approach that involves creating content for marketing purposes. Like SEO, it must have a defined goal. The goal may be to build a brand image or persuade the audience to purchase a specific product. The content marketing strategy should be consistent with the company’s communication strategy and support the achievement of its strategic goals. It is best to plan which business goal you want to achieve through this type of marketing. Depending on the goal, you need to develop actions using different types of content. The strategy can be implemented using a website, blog, or campaign. Content marketing is about specific actions and measurable results. It is important to continuously research the effect of the content on the user. You need the appropriate tools to do this.

Content marketing and SEO

SEO and content marketing are complementary activities that interact with each other. SEO content is intended to influence positioning, i.e. the visibility of links to the website in search engines. Content marketing is designed to engage users and influence their decisions. Through it, users can obtain more information about the service or product they are interested in. The content should provide real value to the audience. SEO should provide search engines with appropriate words and graphics for effective link positioning. SEO, positioning, and content marketing are a perfect combination. If the content is interesting, users will search for it on the internet. With the help of SEO and link positioning, it will be easier to reach them.

Creating content, research, tools.

An essential element of content marketing strategy is content analysis. When creating content for a website, blog, or campaign, it is important to measure its effectiveness. It is not just about how many users visited the content, but how many of them read it carefully. Brands investing in content should constantly analyze readers’ habits and improve their publications. Well-prepared content helps build a brand image and bring customers closer to making a purchase. Analyzing content also allows you to evaluate whether it is worth investing in certain texts, graphics, or videos. Proper analysis and achievement of goals require appropriate indicators and tools.

 Content marketing activities

As part of implementing a content strategy, elements such as:

Creating content for online content marketing

The key element of a content marketing strategy is production. The process of creating content is a significant challenge due to the specific requirements of the audience. It is known that if an article is not written with expertise, readers will immediately sense inconsistencies. To truly interest the audience on the internet, it is important to know who we are writing for. The advantages of the company’s products and services should be subtly incorporated into the text. Using product or service names too often can discourage the user, and even create resentment. Content marketing should provide value to the user.

With the development of the content marketing market, many content formats have emerged. Some rely solely on text, while others are videos and graphics. The most commonly used content marketing format is the article. However, it is not always possible to publish content in text form. Depending on the selected channels, the scope of information and the form of presenting products and services must be adapted. Some content is better presented in the form of video or infographics to effectively explain the essence of a given service. The most common forms of content marketing are:

Native articles are an effective way to reach audiences. They present the advantages of products and services in a natural and subtle way. What sets them apart from traditional articles is their reference to a specific brand or product. They often include product placement or links to the advertiser’s website. Native articles can be published on a website, blog, or in a campaign. Native text should be understandable for users. Unlike SEO texts, which are understandable for search engines and composed of selected keywords.

Video is an effective tool in content marketing because it can attract the audience’s attention and increase their engagement. Creating video content is much more expensive than writing texts. Content in the form of videos is easy to share through messengers or social media. The video title using the right keywords has a positive impact on SEO, as well as adding links.

There are many ways to use images in content marketing. They can be placed in articles, presentations, or social media to make the content more attractive and catch the audience’s attention. Images can also be used to present products or services, which can help viewers better understand them and increase their interest.

It is important to use interesting and relevant images for the purposes of content marketing. You must ensure that the images are legally allowed to be used for marketing and do not infringe any copyrights.

Well-executed and described photo can generate a quick viral effect. This, in turn, will affect the visibility in social media and search engine results.

Podcast is a form of digital audio content that is recorded and published on the internet. They are often published in series and can be listened to on both desktop and mobile devices.

Podcasts are used for promoting a brand, products, or services. Due to their repetitiveness, they allow for building customer loyalty and increasing engagement. They are particularly effective in conveying information, as they enable users to conveniently listen to the show anytime and anywhere.

An image is worth a thousand words. Graphics are a very important element in a content marketing strategy. They can attract the attention of the audience, reinforce the message, and make the content more appealing. Graphics must be consistent with the overall communication and have the appropriate quality. It is necessary to choose graphics that are consistent with the brand’s character and the message it conveys. Graphics can be used both in content and in advertising. They have a significant impact on building the brand image.

Infographics are a combination of text and graphics. They are often used in content marketing as they are ideal for presenting complex information in a simple way. Infographics are often used to present statistics, comparisons or processes. Content marketing activities using infographics can include any place on the internet, such as a website, blog, shop, or publication on a publisher’s site.

Content distribution in content marketing.

When creating content for content marketing, it is important to ensure a broad distribution across the internet. In content marketing, distribution is the way to reach the maximum number of audiences using appropriate channels. This can involve publishing content on your own website, social media, or conducting campaigns with publishers.

The goal is to maximize reach in the appropriate target audience. Therefore, choosing the right place for publication is important. The simplest way to distribute content is through a company blog or a knowledge section on your website. Creating expert content on e-commerce websites is also a good solution. However, if the website serves a different purpose and the company does not have a blog, it is worth considering the potential of publishers. Horizontal portals and thematic websites are available for use. Content published there is of high quality and is available in different forms. Thanks to the editorial team and production studio, publishers create special services that support the sales of specific products. By publishing valuable content, publishers have loyal followers.

Presenting a company or product on a well-known portal and in an interesting thematic environment affects the image and perception of its products by customers. Another type of publisher is a blog, where content is usually created by one person. Blogs are one of the most popular channels used for content marketing. Content can also be published using social media and messaging channels. Unfortunately, most of them have limits on the number of characters and images that can be used. Social media is much better suited to promoting content than to publishing extensive content for content marketing.

Promotion of content in content marketing

Regularly publishing articles and graphics on a website or blog is not always enough. Content marketing for a company is effective when it is promoted. Without promoting content, it is difficult to reach a wide audience. Creating a website that no one visits is a failed investment. Customers are lost as a result. Therefore, the content marketing budget should include expenses for promotion. It is necessary to acquire the right users through promotion. The key goal of content promotion is to build reach. Many channels can be used for this, including organic or paid efforts.

Organic promotion includes:

Paid promotion includes:

Measuring content marketing activities

Customers are increasing their investment in content marketing. That is why measuring the results of these investments is so important.

Evaluating the effectiveness of content marketing allows companies to better understand what content is of interest to their audience and what actions they take after reading it. This enables companies to adjust their content marketing strategies to the needs of their audience and increase their effectiveness.

Tools such as iSlay and Google Analytics allow for the creation of reports on the attractiveness of individual pages and articles. This enables companies to better understand what interests their audience and which content is most effective.

The growth of the content marketing market is stimulating the development of content research. Companies want to precisely examine what the visitor to their website is doing. They need to measure all actions that the user initiates, such as reading an article. Research and analytics are an elementary component of content marketing activities. Regardless of whether we are talking about a website, blog, store, or articles with a publisher, each of them must have an analytical tool installed.

The basic action of a user reading content is scrolling. Scrolling refers to the movement of content on a computer or mobile device screen.

Measuring scrolling is the examination of how far a user has scrolled on a web page. This can be very useful for websites with a lot of content. It allows understanding which parts of a given page are most frequently viewed and where users stop browsing the page, that is, at which point they lose interest in the texts.

Scrolling analysis allows for the assessment of whether the content has been read. It also facilitates finding the elements of the page that attract the most attention from the audience. This allows for the modification of content, for example in terms of length. Such information enables the optimization of page content, blog texts, or modification of articles in a campaign.

Data on scrolling can be useful to design your website and create better user experience with your content. Check out our system to know more

Analityka internetowa a scrollowanie - system do analityki content marketingu

Detailed content website audit – what interests your user.

How many times a day do you wonder if your website is lost in the internet space? Is the published content adequate to the recipient’s needs? A detailed site audit at iSlay will solve all your doubts and set the direction for the future.

Is a detailed content website audit necessary?

Definitely yes. It would be unwise to do business online without proper analytics. Such carelessness carries too much risk of failure. The more you know, the fewer things can surprise you. Therefore, all decisions should be data-based. This rule of thumb applies to every industry without exception.

To obtain specific information about the movement and behavior of the users, one needs to apply particular tools. First, content, i.e., the content you publish, has a vital task to fulfill – it must interest the website visitors. Encourage them to engage in reading and returning visits. Therefore, you need to find out what are your users’ interests. Then plan the web content accordingly. Identifying your needs is the basis for building a strategy based on meeting them. Thanks to this knowledge, you will create content that matches the recipients’ tastes perfectly.

Comprehensive content marketing analytics.

ISlay has created an innovative tool that, apart from the number of unique visitors to your website, will tell you a lot more about them. For example, how much time they spend consuming published content. How deep into them. Where do they abandon browsing? In addition, you can follow if and how they share links to publications with the rest of the virtual community. You will also learn if there are crawlers on your site. Audit results are available in an intuitive panel, the operation of which is not time-consuming. And some of them, such as the depth of scrolling, for example, can be observed in real-time.

You get all the knowledge you need to create an effective marketing strategy on a tray.

Aa engaged user is the key to success.

Without people, who are called users in the virtual world, the internet would not exist. They are the driving force behind it and all the initiatives there. Therefore, you should approach them with respect and remember that they decide whether your website/company will be famous and recognized or not. Internet users are demanding, to satisfy them, that neither a catchy title nor an eye-catching photo is enough. Of course, they will take more hits in the short term, but there is an excellent chance that being cheated in this way will not give you a second chance.

It is worth realizing that the internet is one big search engine. It gets a massive amount of content every day. Browsing them, called scrolling, is the everyday life of millions of people. Yet, until recently, the focus was not on this activity, which is a mistake.

Scrolling from start to finish is done at the user’s initiative and according to his will. So it is one of the best sources of knowledge about his preferences, habits, and mode of action. If you want to know more about our audits, check out


Analityka internetowa a scrollowanie - system do analityki content marketingu

How to make money on scrolling?

Browsing virtual publications takes more and more time for Internet users. Suppose you are wondering whether you can make money on scrolling. We answer: yes, but you need to know just how to do it. 

What is scrolling?

In short, scrolling is moving through the content displayed on the screens of electronic devices: smartphones, tablets, and computers. The place of publication does not matter. These can be large news sites, thematic pages, channels in social media, or blogs. The essential thing is that the scrolling person barely consumes the materials.

The user looks at them, and only when he finds exciting articles does he focus his attention on them to a greater extent. It is a defensive reaction against the overabundance of available data and the initial selection process to save time and attention. But, as research shows, rejection is not based on the incidental principle.

The critical issue for anyone who wants to earn money on the web is finding what arouses or could stimulate the desired attention, which can be interrupted by a seemingly thoughtless error. The answer to this question is not complicated as long as you know where to look for it. Since the awakening of users is not accidental, a thorough analysis of the user’s behavior on the website is necessary to catch the turning points.

Know the needs of the target group

Although everyone scrolls (or the vast majority of the users), using general information will be useless to you as a marketer. After all, the message you send is supposed to reach specific people. If you run a culinary website, adding another cheesecake recipe (even if you love it) while the steaks are getting the most attention is pointless.

The iSlay company has created tools to help you determine which website elements pulled your users out of lethargy. You will discover the places where browsing has become truly insightful reading. Which content was explored, even a couple of times? An interesting parameter is the depth of user weariness which shows when users stopped scrolling or reading and abandoned the page.

ISlay clients receive comprehensive care. First, the website goes through an audit, which ends with a detailed report and recommendations. Then, further monitoring allows the marketer or analyst to make improvements on an ongoing basis. At any time, it is possible to verify the effects and behavior of visitors in an intuitive panel that shows the results in real-time.

Scrolling the future of content marketing

With the proper knowledge, you can easily carry out the right content optimization. You will know what and how to write to get the desired effect. A content marketing strategy tailored to the recipient’s preferences has no right to go wrong. Responding to users’ needs will make your website popular and recommended.

A scrolling analyst entering an accurate content audit should interest every entity and business owner operating on the web. Using it will bring knowledge about the user’s involvement on the website and tangible benefits, regardless of the industry in which you operate. For example, if you run an online store, the trust of your existing customers will increase, which will translate into the number of new visitors and community-building. Creating content that addresses users’ concerns, your business will gain a reputable position in your field. The algorithms of Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn will note positive reactions and content sharing. As a result, the web page position throughout the network will be strengthened.

Remember, the messages you send are a showcase of your company. It’s a waste of time to burn through your budget with content no one will be interested in. You want to know more about scrolling analysis, check out our solution:

Analityka internetowa a scrollowanie - system do analityki content marketingu

With iSlay, website content auditing is really easy.

Is your website content-rich, but it doesn’t translate into the interest of Internet users? The expected growth is at hand but needs little push? It is high time to audit the webpage and verify the quality of the publication. Thanks to iSlay, you will find out what content attracts your audience.

It is quality, not quantity, that counts.

The web accepts any amount of content, but it’s the users who decide what is worthy and what is not. So the expendable materials will litter the virtual space forever, causing only disgust to those who find them searching for specific information. 

It does not matter that they are according to SEO principles, and their publication takes place at the right time. If they don’t engage your audience, they won’t help you achieve e-success. In this area, human reactions and commitment win over automation and algorithms. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you are in a losing position as a creator.

You need only to realize that the messages you create should address interest-specific recipients. The goal is to meet their needs and get rid of any doubts. Instead of publishing ten texts with flashy titles and a laconic means, focus on a single one yet supported by reliable research and containing the desired information. You will find out what content is in demand through a web audit conducted by iSlay. The final report is a source of valuable knowledge about your target group and their preferences. Once you find out what the recipient of the messages is looking for, addressing them will be much easier.

What does iSlay content audit covers?

In the beginning, we will perform a general review of publications at the address indicated. Then, we will look at the specifics of your business. We will start with determining the duration of the audit and the amount of content tested. We then move on to the average time spent on the site. Next, you will learn the depth and speed of scrolling and the number of pages read by visitors. Then we divide the page into sections, answer the question about the number of views and show the most read content.

An essential audit element concerns the life of publications in social media channels and popular messengers. Sharing proves that the Internet user found it exciting and worth recommending. In addition, it’s good to see which platforms your website is gaining popularity on. An additional indicator is the source of traffic, i.e., where the users come from and the percentage that crawlers generate in the number of entries.

It’s good to see on which platforms your website is gaining popularity. An additional indicator is the source of traffic, i.e., where the users come from and the percentage that crawlers generate in the number of entries. Based on the collected results, shown in the form of graphic summaries, the program presents a list of the most engaging content. The last element of the audit is the expert’s recommendations, i.e., suggestions of what and how to modify to achieve the intended goal.

Implementation of recommendations

A website audit is the first step towards a bright future for your website. Therefore, after reviewing the prepared diagnosis, you should implement the recommendations as soon as possible. The first changes will already be visible in the statistics. However, earning a reputation, as well as users’ attention, take some time. It may take several months to become a reputable source of information. Notably, the iSlay service does not end with the submission of the report. We will be happy to help you in the following steps. In particular, we will monitor the effects and evaluate the implementation of recommendations.

If you want to know more about our audit, check out:

Analityka content marketingu dla sklepu - system do analityki content marketingu

If you are in e-commerce, you’d better know this tool.

The e-commerce industry is growing every passing day. Moreover, online commerce has grown in popularity during the pandemic, and consumers have become accustomed to its convenience. Yet, the competition is also fierce in this market; therefore, one needs innovative solutions to keep up the pace. It’s time you learn about iSlay.

Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce

E-commerce has pros and cons. You can enjoy it while the orders flow seamlessly from your digital channels, growing your business, or get frustrated if – despite all effort, something goes wrong. However, to be in the game, one must first build its e-store and furnish it with an assortment. 

Apart from all technical requirements for launching the sales platform, adding an offer and creating communication is the most responsible task. It depends on the description, graphic design, and messages sent to customers, whether they will be interested in a given thing or not.

Data under control

iSlay is an innovation on content marketing market. A solution for content marketing analytics created by practitioners has everything the e-commerce industry needs. It audits and monitors websites and campaigns and allows you to track the current traffic and user behavior in an accessible way, focusing on the published content.

No other tool analyzes scrolling with this accuracy. But unfortunately, this seemingly insignificant activity was treated neglectfully for a long time. No attention was paid to it, considering it serves only to kill time. Meanwhile, it turns out that how a person browses Internet resources provides a lot of important information about himself and his preferences.

iSlay uses statistics on the browsing time and scrolling depth to extract information, such as the depth of the page reached by the most significant number of users. It indicates the level below which is not worth placing flagship products. It also allows you to identify the most popular products, making them eligible for extending the range. In addition, it can generate a thematic report any time, which is helpful for business decisions.

Captivating e-commerce content with iSlay

Knowing what the customer is looking for and what the customer visiting the store likes is a mine of ideas and possibilities. You can, for example, offer him similar products based on it. Defining the need the user wants to meet during the visit is also essential from the point of view of communication. As we mentioned at the beginning, the narrative you create can work to your advantage if it is consistent and tailored to the audience. Every text you publish causes a reaction. If this is positive, you will be successful. With iSlay, you don’t have to guess or guess whether the content hits the audience’s taste. You will find the answer in the report. If you want to know more about e-store content optimization, check out our e-commerce analytics solution.

Analityka scrollowania - system do analityki content marketingu

Scrolling the future of content marketing.

Content production and distribution are one of the most popular marketing strategies today. However, creating content alone is not enough. Content must captivate and encourage reading. Scrolling the website and its in-depth analysis show what interests users. Scrolling is becoming the future of content marketing today.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing aims to build a long-term relationship with the recipient – user by publishing helpful content. A vital element of this is the reaction of the sender to the recipient of the messages. It does not always have to be the purchasing process. It may as well be about gaining your trust or distributing a specific article on the Internet. The fact that the recipients are people using the virtual network makes it possible to monitor their behavior and needs.

Odsłony, sesje, Pageviews, sessions, click – what will you not learn from them?

Internet traffic research should not be limited to information about how many people visit a given site (page views) because these are too general data. Similarly, data about the average time spent at the selected address (session) may not suffice. CTR indicator tells marketers a bit more but leaves too much room for guesswork. What matters in content marketing is valuable information. Obtaining it is not that difficult, as long as you use the appropriate marketing tools that allow for a detailed content audit. The more precise the employees of marketing departments know their recipients, the better their results will be.

It is essential not only: who, from where, when, and for how much time, but also why they appear in this and no other place on the web. And also how the users behave during this visit and what they do with the consumed content next. The goal is clear, and the user is to receive exactly the content he expects and share his satisfaction with a broader group of friends.

The gap in popular information collection systems – in broadly understood internet analytics – on the behavior of Internet users was filled by the tools monitoring the scrolling of the iSlay company.

iSlay Scrollerscrolling entirely under the control

Content grows exponentially every day, above the usual traditional methods of analysis. The answer to the excess of content is the specific behavior of Internet users. It is scrolling through subsequent materials in search of those that will arouse even minimal interest. Sometimes a catchy title or attractive photos are all it takes to stop the rolling. Although effective, these treatments only work for a while. And their excessive use may result in irritation and ignorance for weeks on the part of the recipient. Instead of taking shortcuts, the better approach is learning what moves the target audience. Our solution allows you to build a database of content that will catch the recipient’s attention. As a result, the chance of another visit will increase. The iSlay Panel tool, apart from indicating which materials are the most widely read, also shows the level of depth at which users’ curiosity has been satisfied. And how long did it take to absorb the given message?

Another handy feature is the ability to observe how specific links spread around the Internet. Be it on social media, via virtual messaging, or by e-mail.

Monitoring here and now

Internet users are used to acting quickly. That is why it is so essential to have real-time access to data on their activities. Only in this way can content managers react and control publications on an ongoing basis. Which in turn translates into greater comfort and user satisfaction.

Scrolling is an everyday activity. However, this can become a mine of precious knowledge thanks to proper monitoring. If you want to know more about scrolling, check out our solution:

Jak szczegółowa analiza treści jest możliwa - system do analityki content marketingu

How detailed content analysis is possible?

The figures-based analysis is the only reliable way to evaluate the effectiveness of content marketing activities. By the mean of it, we can determine which page elements are the most popular. iSlay does it in the utmost detail.

Website audit or content analysis?

How to go about this business? Start with the site audit or content analysis? The answer to this question allows you to choose the appropriate verification tools. The correct one is necessary to succeed in online business. 

During a traditional website audit, one examines the elements such as loading speed, optimization level, indexing, or position against the competition. In short: everything that affects search engine operations. It is, therefore, a check of technical issues and their possible adaptation to the requirements set by the algorithms.

Content analysis, as the name suggests, focuses on the content – messages published on the website. Its primary purpose is to verify the reactions evoked by recipients who are active Internet users. This task is much more difficult because it concerns a group of people, not machines. Moreover, addressing the recipients’ tastes requires understanding their needs and expectations. And most of all, choosing the suitable medium and language. The analytical tool proposed by iSlay not only assesses the current quality of content but also allows you to plan future activities.

Jakie dane What data iSlay collects?

None of the parameters in the iSlay panel is accidental. On the contrary, the system provides detailed information about the website visitors.Starting from the number of recipients, through data on whether they are new or returning, the type of device on which they browse the website, and the average time they spend on this activity. Then you can observe the number of views and traffic sources.

The most interesting data, however, are those closely related to the published content and user engagement. By examining the depth and speed of scrolling, you will find out which articles have been read, not just viewed. Users attracted to particular content tend to slow down scrolling, which is immediately visible in the statistics. The right tools allow you to capture this activity’s starting and ending moments. The information is collected for further use for each piece of content and the entirety of the web page. 

Yet this is not the end. After all, the content does not end its life with the “publish” button. It’s just the beginning. The better the material is, the more likely users will share it with others. Therefore, the developers also decided to observe this distinguishing feature.

Content analysis is also about shares and recommendations.

Users share valuable entries through instant messaging, e-mails, and social media. And it is these sources that appeared in the iSlay Panel. To sum up thanks to iSlay:

  1. You can see the number of shares you share with specific funds.
  2. You will find out where the interested recipients come to your website from.
  3. You have the option of creating this report.

If you want to know more about our audit, check out:

Dlaczego scrollowanie ma sens? - system do analityki content marketingu

Why does scrolling make sense?

Scrolling, i.e., fast browsing the Internet resources, doesn’t have a good opinion. ‘Stupidity and waste of time’ – are the most common arguments. However, scrolling may still be beneficial. It is the quickest way to search for available information. You do not believe? We will prove to you that scrolling makes sense!

Informaction is valuable

You can find everything on the Internet, assuming sufficient spare time to search. However, the mass of internet assets is growing daily, so it would be pretty challenging, if not impossible, to review the whole thing. So instead of reading all the content and cluttering the mind with it, we’d better make a quick selection. It’s easy to notice that scrolling through the records helps. One look and you already know if you have found what you are looking for or if you need to continue the tedious process — of evolution for the digital age. 

What if the message you are hitting was perfectly suited to your needs? It would be fantastic, right? There are many indications that this dream may also come true shortly. However, to create content that would appeal to recipients’ tastes, you need data on their preferences. And these are hidden in scrolling. It is not without reason that we call this activity the most easily accessible source of information.

When does scrolling make sense?

The answer to this question is straightforward – always. From the point of view of a single user, scrolling makes sense whenever it needs it. Scrolling helps satisfy curiosity. From the provider’s point of view, this activity is always valuable because it provides helpful information about users visiting a given website. The reaction of the users clearly shows whether they like the presented method of communication or not. It also suggests which direction should be taken to meet their expectations. This means that scrolling makes sense not only from the point of view of an individual Internet user but also from companies communicating via texts with potential recipients. In short, the more significant the knowledge about the readers’ interests, the greater the chance of monetizing Internet activities.

You need to collect data skillfully to draw conclusions that will become the basis for building a new business strategy. Therefore, web analytics should be at the heart of any online business. Unfortunately, scrolling is a side issue for popular tools, so they don’t pay much attention to it. And it is worth focusing on this phenomenon because the number of hits is not everything.

Scrolling analysis with iSlay. How it works?

The solution proposed by Islay meets the needs of all those who want to understand user behavior on their virtual website thoroughly. The tool, apart from numerical data such as the sum of visitors and the time spent on the site, allows you to verify, among other things: which content is most appreciated, what is the main topic and which elements of the website attract the most visitors. 

ISlay is easy to use. You need to install a dedicated plugin and enter the appropriate settings in the website panel. Monitoring is carried out in real-time, which makes it possible to track traffic regularly. In addition, the iSlay panel is intuitive, and it only takes a moment to navigate it like an expert. If you want to know more about scrolling tracking check out our solution:

Analityka internetowa a scrollowanie - system do analityki content marketingu

Web analytics and scrolling.

The most popular website traffic tracking tool is Google Analytics, and internet analytics does not exist without it. Therefore, it is worth learning more about user-initiated behavior in addition to the GA data. One of them is scrolling.

Data is foundation of success in the virtual world.

The users access the internet to satisfy one or more of their needs. To do this, they look for: specific information, product, current news, person, etc. Naturally, the more time the discovery process takes, the more likely the users will be tired and irritated. If, however, they find the content that meets their expectations, there is a chance that you will gain faithful recipients and customers. Correct content marketing and diligent web analytics are the foundations of digital marketing.

Collecting the data about the users and their behavior allows for effective communication and achieving business goals. Moreover, many solutions on the market (including free ones) will enable you to analyze statistics. Therefore, it is essential to use them skillfully and regularly and follow the indicators in real-time.

Web analytics. What tools to use?

How many experts, so many proposals. It is impossible to give an unequivocal answer to such a question. It all depends on what you want to know and what result you want to achieve. There are many possibilities. 

At the forefront of solutions used by Polish marketers, apart from Google, as mentioned above, there are Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Senuto, and Hotjar. Ahrefs focuses on organic traffic and link analysis. Senuto pays more attention to keywords and SEO compliance. In turn, Google Search Console allows you to monitor the indexing of the page in the search engine. And Hotjar records the visit and shows you when the activity was interrupted.

However, how would you check the involvement of users in exploring the content you have prepared for them? Did they like them, or have they been read in full? Which elements were the most or least successful? The number of tools that can be used drops dramatically. One of the few is iSlay. Its main task is to monitor scrolling. This activity was considered irrelevant for a long time, but a closer look helps to reveal interesting things.

Does scrolling analysis make sense?

Scrolling refers to quick browsing of web content. Web pages are created on the vertical axis, so you need to move the cursor down to see all the information. Therefore, it was natural for publications to be sorted in order of time or importance.

Currently, there is so much content that the place of a given element is not so prominent. That is why Internet users have made a habit of quickly browsing websites without much commitment. However, what is interesting, they very skillfully catch what they are looking for in this scrub. Scrolling research allows you to define what this factor is and for how long it attracts the user’s attention. Using this knowledge in your content marketing strategy will allow you to create content that will captivate many recipients. If you want to know more about scrolling analysis check out our solution:

Analityka internetowa a scrollowanie - system do analityki content marketingu

iSlay is a new dimension of content marketing analytics.

Content marketing is a sales strategy based on broadcasting valuable information to the targetted group of potential customers. Achieving goals with appropriate words can be very effective if you know how to use them. For those who don’t know, iSlay will help.

The current content marketing measurement

It is obvious to study the results of the actions, and marketers have been doing it for a long time, using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Alexa, or Senuto. 

The same goes for conducting in-depth research when selecting the topics of the publication. Analyzing trends and keywords are part of the daily responsibilities of Marketing Responders. Just like browsing the rankings of the most popular influencers and connecting them with the represented brand. The goal is to satisfy representatives of the target group, the specification of which takes place at the beginning of the promotion process.

Thanks to the abovementioned one, which topics are popular and what words to use to please the algorithms are known. Where the traffic comes from, and how to promote the texts. And also how the competition is doing. Experts rightly point out that despite the enormity of the collected data, there are still spaces about which we know very little. An example is the study of the behavior of users of that particular website when viewing a given article.

iSlay will tell you the truth

Behind iSlay, there are people associated with the marketing industry for years. They perfectly know the available solutions and understand what they are missing, like no one else. iSlay is, therefore, the answer of many years of practitioners to the market’s needs. Moreover, verifying the reactions of Internet users visiting a given website and selecting the most engaging content indicates the direction of further activities and shows which topics attract recipients’ attention.

Because all internet activity occurs via electronic devices, we can look at it from beginning to end. It is a pity to miss such an opportunity, as the study can be limited to one text and carried out in real-time.

The authors of iSlay focused on scrolling. The mechanism is pretty simple. When the content appearing on the screen attracts users’ attention, they slow down or stop doing this until they become familiar with the material of interest. Sometimes, the user goes back to reread the passage. These activities tell about the reader more than the number of views or the average time spent on the site. The higher the level of commitment, the greater the chance of success. That is why it is worth creating exciting content.

What behind scrolling?

Another sign of interest in a given content is the willingness to share it with friends. In the iSlay panel, you can track what the user does with the content he acquires. The system traces both content sharing and the way through which it occurs.

The data collected by iSlay and its conclusions will keep you ahead of the competition. Matching the content to the requirements and needs of the recipients will contribute to obtaining the status of an expert. And the trust of users will pay off. If you want to know more about scrolling tracking, check out our solution: