How many times a day do you wonder if your website is lost in the internet space? Is the published content adequate to the recipient’s needs? A detailed site audit at iSlay will solve all your doubts and set the direction for the future.

Is a detailed content website audit necessary?

Definitely yes. It would be unwise to do business online without proper analytics. Such carelessness carries too much risk of failure. The more you know, the fewer things can surprise you. Therefore, all decisions should be data-based. This rule of thumb applies to every industry without exception.

To obtain specific information about the movement and behavior of the users, one needs to apply particular tools. First, content, i.e., the content you publish, has a vital task to fulfill – it must interest the website visitors. Encourage them to engage in reading and returning visits. Therefore, you need to find out what are your users’ interests. Then plan the web content accordingly. Identifying your needs is the basis for building a strategy based on meeting them. Thanks to this knowledge, you will create content that matches the recipients’ tastes perfectly.

Comprehensive content marketing analytics.

ISlay has created an innovative tool that, apart from the number of unique visitors to your website, will tell you a lot more about them. For example, how much time they spend consuming published content. How deep into them. Where do they abandon browsing? In addition, you can follow if and how they share links to publications with the rest of the virtual community. You will also learn if there are crawlers on your site. Audit results are available in an intuitive panel, the operation of which is not time-consuming. And some of them, such as the depth of scrolling, for example, can be observed in real-time.

You get all the knowledge you need to create an effective marketing strategy on a tray.

Aa engaged user is the key to success.

Without people, who are called users in the virtual world, the internet would not exist. They are the driving force behind it and all the initiatives there. Therefore, you should approach them with respect and remember that they decide whether your website/company will be famous and recognized or not. Internet users are demanding, to satisfy them, that neither a catchy title nor an eye-catching photo is enough. Of course, they will take more hits in the short term, but there is an excellent chance that being cheated in this way will not give you a second chance.

It is worth realizing that the internet is one big search engine. It gets a massive amount of content every day. Browsing them, called scrolling, is the everyday life of millions of people. Yet, until recently, the focus was not on this activity, which is a mistake.

Scrolling from start to finish is done at the user’s initiative and according to his will. So it is one of the best sources of knowledge about his preferences, habits, and mode of action. If you want to know more about our audits, check out