Scrolling, i.e., fast browsing the Internet resources, doesn’t have a good opinion. ‘Stupidity and waste of time’ – are the most common arguments. However, scrolling may still be beneficial. It is the quickest way to search for available information. You do not believe? We will prove to you that scrolling makes sense!

Informaction is valuable

You can find everything on the Internet, assuming sufficient spare time to search. However, the mass of internet assets is growing daily, so it would be pretty challenging, if not impossible, to review the whole thing. So instead of reading all the content and cluttering the mind with it, we’d better make a quick selection. It’s easy to notice that scrolling through the records helps. One look and you already know if you have found what you are looking for or if you need to continue the tedious process — of evolution for the digital age. 

What if the message you are hitting was perfectly suited to your needs? It would be fantastic, right? There are many indications that this dream may also come true shortly. However, to create content that would appeal to recipients’ tastes, you need data on their preferences. And these are hidden in scrolling. It is not without reason that we call this activity the most easily accessible source of information.

When does scrolling make sense?

The answer to this question is straightforward – always. From the point of view of a single user, scrolling makes sense whenever it needs it. Scrolling helps satisfy curiosity. From the provider’s point of view, this activity is always valuable because it provides helpful information about users visiting a given website. The reaction of the users clearly shows whether they like the presented method of communication or not. It also suggests which direction should be taken to meet their expectations. This means that scrolling makes sense not only from the point of view of an individual Internet user but also from companies communicating via texts with potential recipients. In short, the more significant the knowledge about the readers’ interests, the greater the chance of monetizing Internet activities.

You need to collect data skillfully to draw conclusions that will become the basis for building a new business strategy. Therefore, web analytics should be at the heart of any online business. Unfortunately, scrolling is a side issue for popular tools, so they don’t pay much attention to it. And it is worth focusing on this phenomenon because the number of hits is not everything.

Scrolling analysis with iSlay. How it works?

The solution proposed by Islay meets the needs of all those who want to understand user behavior on their virtual website thoroughly. The tool, apart from numerical data such as the sum of visitors and the time spent on the site, allows you to verify, among other things: which content is most appreciated, what is the main topic and which elements of the website attract the most visitors. 

ISlay is easy to use. You need to install a dedicated plugin and enter the appropriate settings in the website panel. Monitoring is carried out in real-time, which makes it possible to track traffic regularly. In addition, the iSlay panel is intuitive, and it only takes a moment to navigate it like an expert. If you want to know more about scrolling tracking check out our solution: