Is your website content-rich, but it doesn’t translate into the interest of Internet users? The expected growth is at hand but needs little push? It is high time to audit the webpage and verify the quality of the publication. Thanks to iSlay, you will find out what content attracts your audience.

It is quality, not quantity, that counts.

The web accepts any amount of content, but it’s the users who decide what is worthy and what is not. So the expendable materials will litter the virtual space forever, causing only disgust to those who find them searching for specific information. 

It does not matter that they are according to SEO principles, and their publication takes place at the right time. If they don’t engage your audience, they won’t help you achieve e-success. In this area, human reactions and commitment win over automation and algorithms. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you are in a losing position as a creator.

You need only to realize that the messages you create should address interest-specific recipients. The goal is to meet their needs and get rid of any doubts. Instead of publishing ten texts with flashy titles and a laconic means, focus on a single one yet supported by reliable research and containing the desired information. You will find out what content is in demand through a web audit conducted by iSlay. The final report is a source of valuable knowledge about your target group and their preferences. Once you find out what the recipient of the messages is looking for, addressing them will be much easier.

What does iSlay content audit covers?

In the beginning, we will perform a general review of publications at the address indicated. Then, we will look at the specifics of your business. We will start with determining the duration of the audit and the amount of content tested. We then move on to the average time spent on the site. Next, you will learn the depth and speed of scrolling and the number of pages read by visitors. Then we divide the page into sections, answer the question about the number of views and show the most read content.

An essential audit element concerns the life of publications in social media channels and popular messengers. Sharing proves that the Internet user found it exciting and worth recommending. In addition, it’s good to see which platforms your website is gaining popularity on. An additional indicator is the source of traffic, i.e., where the users come from and the percentage that crawlers generate in the number of entries.

It’s good to see on which platforms your website is gaining popularity. An additional indicator is the source of traffic, i.e., where the users come from and the percentage that crawlers generate in the number of entries. Based on the collected results, shown in the form of graphic summaries, the program presents a list of the most engaging content. The last element of the audit is the expert’s recommendations, i.e., suggestions of what and how to modify to achieve the intended goal.

Implementation of recommendations

A website audit is the first step towards a bright future for your website. Therefore, after reviewing the prepared diagnosis, you should implement the recommendations as soon as possible. The first changes will already be visible in the statistics. However, earning a reputation, as well as users’ attention, take some time. It may take several months to become a reputable source of information. Notably, the iSlay service does not end with the submission of the report. We will be happy to help you in the following steps. In particular, we will monitor the effects and evaluate the implementation of recommendations.

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