The figures-based analysis is the only reliable way to evaluate the effectiveness of content marketing activities. By the mean of it, we can determine which page elements are the most popular. iSlay does it in the utmost detail.

Website audit or content analysis?

How to go about this business? Start with the site audit or content analysis? The answer to this question allows you to choose the appropriate verification tools. The correct one is necessary to succeed in online business. 

During a traditional website audit, one examines the elements such as loading speed, optimization level, indexing, or position against the competition. In short: everything that affects search engine operations. It is, therefore, a check of technical issues and their possible adaptation to the requirements set by the algorithms.

Content analysis, as the name suggests, focuses on the content – messages published on the website. Its primary purpose is to verify the reactions evoked by recipients who are active Internet users. This task is much more difficult because it concerns a group of people, not machines. Moreover, addressing the recipients’ tastes requires understanding their needs and expectations. And most of all, choosing the suitable medium and language. The analytical tool proposed by iSlay not only assesses the current quality of content but also allows you to plan future activities.

Jakie dane What data iSlay collects?

None of the parameters in the iSlay panel is accidental. On the contrary, the system provides detailed information about the website visitors.Starting from the number of recipients, through data on whether they are new or returning, the type of device on which they browse the website, and the average time they spend on this activity. Then you can observe the number of views and traffic sources.

The most interesting data, however, are those closely related to the published content and user engagement. By examining the depth and speed of scrolling, you will find out which articles have been read, not just viewed. Users attracted to particular content tend to slow down scrolling, which is immediately visible in the statistics. The right tools allow you to capture this activity’s starting and ending moments. The information is collected for further use for each piece of content and the entirety of the web page. 

Yet this is not the end. After all, the content does not end its life with the “publish” button. It’s just the beginning. The better the material is, the more likely users will share it with others. Therefore, the developers also decided to observe this distinguishing feature.

Content analysis is also about shares and recommendations.

Users share valuable entries through instant messaging, e-mails, and social media. And it is these sources that appeared in the iSlay Panel. To sum up thanks to iSlay:

  1. You can see the number of shares you share with specific funds.
  2. You will find out where the interested recipients come to your website from.
  3. You have the option of creating this report.

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