The e-commerce industry is growing every passing day. Moreover, online commerce has grown in popularity during the pandemic, and consumers have become accustomed to its convenience. Yet, the competition is also fierce in this market; therefore, one needs innovative solutions to keep up the pace. It’s time you learn about iSlay.

Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce

E-commerce has pros and cons. You can enjoy it while the orders flow seamlessly from your digital channels, growing your business, or get frustrated if – despite all effort, something goes wrong. However, to be in the game, one must first build its e-store and furnish it with an assortment. 

Apart from all technical requirements for launching the sales platform, adding an offer and creating communication is the most responsible task. It depends on the description, graphic design, and messages sent to customers, whether they will be interested in a given thing or not.

Data under control

iSlay is an innovation on content marketing market. A solution for content marketing analytics created by practitioners has everything the e-commerce industry needs. It audits and monitors websites and campaigns and allows you to track the current traffic and user behavior in an accessible way, focusing on the published content.

No other tool analyzes scrolling with this accuracy. But unfortunately, this seemingly insignificant activity was treated neglectfully for a long time. No attention was paid to it, considering it serves only to kill time. Meanwhile, it turns out that how a person browses Internet resources provides a lot of important information about himself and his preferences.

iSlay uses statistics on the browsing time and scrolling depth to extract information, such as the depth of the page reached by the most significant number of users. It indicates the level below which is not worth placing flagship products. It also allows you to identify the most popular products, making them eligible for extending the range. In addition, it can generate a thematic report any time, which is helpful for business decisions.

Captivating e-commerce content with iSlay

Knowing what the customer is looking for and what the customer visiting the store likes is a mine of ideas and possibilities. You can, for example, offer him similar products based on it. Defining the need the user wants to meet during the visit is also essential from the point of view of communication. As we mentioned at the beginning, the narrative you create can work to your advantage if it is consistent and tailored to the audience. Every text you publish causes a reaction. If this is positive, you will be successful. With iSlay, you don’t have to guess or guess whether the content hits the audience’s taste. You will find the answer in the report. If you want to know more about e-store content optimization, check out our e-commerce analytics solution.