Content marketing is a sales strategy based on broadcasting valuable information to the targetted group of potential customers. Achieving goals with appropriate words can be very effective if you know how to use them. For those who don’t know, iSlay will help.

The current content marketing measurement

It is obvious to study the results of the actions, and marketers have been doing it for a long time, using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Alexa, or Senuto. 

The same goes for conducting in-depth research when selecting the topics of the publication. Analyzing trends and keywords are part of the daily responsibilities of Marketing Responders. Just like browsing the rankings of the most popular influencers and connecting them with the represented brand. The goal is to satisfy representatives of the target group, the specification of which takes place at the beginning of the promotion process.

Thanks to the abovementioned one, which topics are popular and what words to use to please the algorithms are known. Where the traffic comes from, and how to promote the texts. And also how the competition is doing. Experts rightly point out that despite the enormity of the collected data, there are still spaces about which we know very little. An example is the study of the behavior of users of that particular website when viewing a given article.

iSlay will tell you the truth

Behind iSlay, there are people associated with the marketing industry for years. They perfectly know the available solutions and understand what they are missing, like no one else. iSlay is, therefore, the answer of many years of practitioners to the market’s needs. Moreover, verifying the reactions of Internet users visiting a given website and selecting the most engaging content indicates the direction of further activities and shows which topics attract recipients’ attention.

Because all internet activity occurs via electronic devices, we can look at it from beginning to end. It is a pity to miss such an opportunity, as the study can be limited to one text and carried out in real-time.

The authors of iSlay focused on scrolling. The mechanism is pretty simple. When the content appearing on the screen attracts users’ attention, they slow down or stop doing this until they become familiar with the material of interest. Sometimes, the user goes back to reread the passage. These activities tell about the reader more than the number of views or the average time spent on the site. The higher the level of commitment, the greater the chance of success. That is why it is worth creating exciting content.

What behind scrolling?

Another sign of interest in a given content is the willingness to share it with friends. In the iSlay panel, you can track what the user does with the content he acquires. The system traces both content sharing and the way through which it occurs.

The data collected by iSlay and its conclusions will keep you ahead of the competition. Matching the content to the requirements and needs of the recipients will contribute to obtaining the status of an expert. And the trust of users will pay off. If you want to know more about scrolling tracking, check out our solution: