Content production and distribution are one of the most popular marketing strategies today. However, creating content alone is not enough. Content must captivate and encourage reading. Scrolling the website and its in-depth analysis show what interests users. Scrolling is becoming the future of content marketing today.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing aims to build a long-term relationship with the recipient – user by publishing helpful content. A vital element of this is the reaction of the sender to the recipient of the messages. It does not always have to be the purchasing process. It may as well be about gaining your trust or distributing a specific article on the Internet. The fact that the recipients are people using the virtual network makes it possible to monitor their behavior and needs.

Odsłony, sesje, Pageviews, sessions, click – what will you not learn from them?

Internet traffic research should not be limited to information about how many people visit a given site (page views) because these are too general data. Similarly, data about the average time spent at the selected address (session) may not suffice. CTR indicator tells marketers a bit more but leaves too much room for guesswork. What matters in content marketing is valuable information. Obtaining it is not that difficult, as long as you use the appropriate marketing tools that allow for a detailed content audit. The more precise the employees of marketing departments know their recipients, the better their results will be.

It is essential not only: who, from where, when, and for how much time, but also why they appear in this and no other place on the web. And also how the users behave during this visit and what they do with the consumed content next. The goal is clear, and the user is to receive exactly the content he expects and share his satisfaction with a broader group of friends.

The gap in popular information collection systems – in broadly understood internet analytics – on the behavior of Internet users was filled by the tools monitoring the scrolling of the iSlay company.

iSlay Scrollerscrolling entirely under the control

Content grows exponentially every day, above the usual traditional methods of analysis. The answer to the excess of content is the specific behavior of Internet users. It is scrolling through subsequent materials in search of those that will arouse even minimal interest. Sometimes a catchy title or attractive photos are all it takes to stop the rolling. Although effective, these treatments only work for a while. And their excessive use may result in irritation and ignorance for weeks on the part of the recipient. Instead of taking shortcuts, the better approach is learning what moves the target audience. Our solution allows you to build a database of content that will catch the recipient’s attention. As a result, the chance of another visit will increase. The iSlay Panel tool, apart from indicating which materials are the most widely read, also shows the level of depth at which users’ curiosity has been satisfied. And how long did it take to absorb the given message?

Another handy feature is the ability to observe how specific links spread around the Internet. Be it on social media, via virtual messaging, or by e-mail.

Monitoring here and now

Internet users are used to acting quickly. That is why it is so essential to have real-time access to data on their activities. Only in this way can content managers react and control publications on an ongoing basis. Which in turn translates into greater comfort and user satisfaction.

Scrolling is an everyday activity. However, this can become a mine of precious knowledge thanks to proper monitoring. If you want to know more about scrolling, check out our solution: